Liaoning Juxin Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the Teng'ao Economic Development Zone of Anshan, Liaoning Steel Capital, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation. The company has established its own research and experimental team, with high-quality production technology and professional supporting production equipment. It is a technology enterprise that integrates research, production, and sales

Developed and produced single component polyurea and exposed single component polyurethane thick paste coatings
Polyurethane series for conveyor belt repairfrom industry experts and customers
  • Single component polyurea
  • JX9093 single component polyurea
  • JX9092 (anti impact and wear type) single component hand scraped polyurea
  • JX9091 (impermeable) single component hand scraped polyurea
  • Two component spray polyurea
  • JX9083 (anti permeability and anti carbonization type) two component polyurea
  • Rubber repair adhesive
  • Conveyor belt repair adhesive
  • JX-928 cable repair adhesive
  • Conveyor belt repair adhesive
  • CustomCase
    advancedProduction process equipment,strictCentral control managementEnsure high-quality products
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  • 新闻资讯
  • 新闻资讯
  • 新闻资讯
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